Owners - Eric Boese - Scott Schultz - Mitchell Schultz


Montezuma - Harry Peters

​Inman - Sherwin Johnson - Clay Isaac

Meadowlarc Welding and Fabrication Inc

101 Industrial Dr

Inman KS 67546

Meadowlarc Welding Inc

23501 13 Rd

Montezuma KS 67867

Manufacturing in Inman

Inman KS 67546

Scott 620-335-0418 - ​Shop 620-585-6616

At Meadowlarc Welding we specialize in repairs both in shop and in the field.  We have a wide range of equipment to machine parts for your repairs.  For  on the farm repairs we have a service truck designed especially for the environment in which you break down.  We also have several items we manufacture and will manufacture according to your need.  All our staff is trained in what they do and enjoy their work.

Manufacturing in Montezuma

Montezuma KS 67867

Eric 620-846-0050

Scott 620-335-0418

​Mitch 620-335-0422